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What is AKU network?


AKU is a cooperation network created at the Estonian Centre of Architecture in 2010, in order to bring together enterprises with export ambitions in the field of architecture.

The Estonian Centre of Architecture aims to develop AKU in order to connect entrepreneurs in the architecture field as an association based on friendly cooperation, through which assistance can be provided to architecture firms in developing their business competence and marketing activities aimed at foreign markets. AKU membership status is decided on the basis of creative achievements and the quality of work and thus today AKU includes the best enterprises in the field of architecture. When acting jointly, they are able to define their interests more clearly and be a more efficient partner to clients both in the public and private sector.

AKU is also an export-orientated cooperation network, and connects enterprises in the field of architecture, currently comprising of more than a dozen of recognised enterprises, whose main activities include the development of concept solutions, architectural design and urban planning as well as architectural consultancy, the performance of basic surveys and project management. AKU members have primarily been providing their services in the Estonian domestic market, but they all also have experience in working in foreign markets. Most of all, services have been provided in the neighbouring countries of Latvia, Finland and Russia. Other target countries for AKU services include Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Lithuania, Holland, Italy, Ireland and Taiwan. AKU members have participated in various international architecture competitions and thereby received recognition and awards, which just goes to show that Estonian architecture is recognised to be both of a high quality and internationally competitive.


AKU is focused on Estonian architecture offices which fulfill the quality standards: success in architecture competitions, relevant prizes and awards, selection to international exhibitions and publications. Each particular membership status is decided by the Estonian Centre of Architecture on the basis of architecture office’s application.

Contact AKU network co-ordinator Karin Kiviste for more info:
Phone: +372 515 2746