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Contemporary Architecture in Tallinn. A Guidebook

Our new guidebook "Contemporary Architecture in Tallinn" is ready to guide guests abroad and also local folks(!!!), around contemporary Tallinn!
The current book primarily invites you to explore the new and young Tallinn. Social upheavals have always helped the new generation to emerge. Like the most significant buildings of the 1960s–1970s “thaw” period were the creation of courageous architects who ignored the regulations, the 1990s–2000s offered an opportunity to the next generation of architects. This guide helps to understand how the Estonian society and architecture as its mirror have changed in the 20th and at the threshold of the 21st century. While in the mid-20th century, most unique designs were meant for public buildings, after the restoration of Estonia’s independence, more dwellings, office buildings and even modern sacred buildings can be highlighted.
The guide, which includes eight itineraries, offers a brief overview of exciting examples of present-day architecture. In addition to Tallinn, the guide presents a few buildings elsewhere in Estonia. Naturally, it is an appetiser rather than an exhausting overview. Additionally, the maps include references to museums, galleries, cafes, etc.

You can buy  "Contemporary Architecture in Tallinn" from:
* Estonian Centre For Architecture office (Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn), Museum of Estonian Architecture and local bookstores, such as Rahva Raamat, Apollo, Puänt and Muusa.

* Buying the book from Estonian Centre For Architecture office, the price is only 8 €. for any inquiries please contact:

‘‘Contemporary Architecture in Tallinn. A Guidebook‘‘
Distributor: Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus MTÜ
Texts: Karen Jagodin, Riin Alatalu, Ingrid Ruudi
Design: Putka OÜ
Photos: Martin Siplane, Kaido Haagen, Tõnu Tunnel, Reio Avaste, Catherine Kõrtsmik, Raido Vint, Kert Saarma, Ott Alver, Tiit Veermäe, Jarmo Kauge, Ott Kadarik, Tiit Trummal