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TAB 2019 International Architecture Schools‘ Exhibition ‘‘Terribly Beautiful‘‘


December 18 2018 - Tallinn
Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2019
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TAB 2019 announces Open Call for International Architecture Schools‘ Exhibition ‘‘Terribly Beautiful‘‘

The Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019 (, which Opening Week takes place from September 11-15 2019 announces Open Call for International Architecture Schools‘ Exhibition ‘‘Terribly Beautiful‘‘ that is part of TAB 2019 Main Programme and targets current students, practicing architects and everyone else who has ever studied in architecture school.
TAB 2019 Architecture Schools' Exhibition is curated by three young Estonian architects: Merilin Kaup, Margus Tammik and Ulla Alla. Curators are expecting projects that hide a sinuous process and tell a story in which they can see author’s state of mind, personality and value systems.

One of the Curators, Merilin Kaup says: ‘‘TAB 2019 main theme 'Beauty Matters' is taking the conversation further from plain utility, exploring a harder-to-measure phenomenon of beauty. Where lies the beauty of a school project? We propose that the most beautiful thing about school project is the venturousness, vulnerability and complexity of a process, the notion of getting lost. In the facility for learning, failure is beautiful and ugly matters too! We are shifting focus from the outcome to the process in order to start an in-depth discussion about motives that drive us, values that we believe in, work methods that have served us and bizarre places our mind has taken us when possessed by the project. We want to bring this liminal period into spotlight, because beautiful representations and elaborated briefs can be found all over the internet!‘‘

TAB 2019 International Architecture Schools‘ Exhibition ‘‘Terribly Beautiful‘‘ 1st Stage Deadline is March 18 2019
. In 2nd Stage a number of works will be selected with whome the curators will continue to work individually. In the beginning of September there will be a workshop for 2nd Stage participants, which goal is to add a new layer to the project based on analysis and reflections from the stage 2. In the final exhibition the initial work, analysis, reflections and new layer will be presented as a continuous story.

The Opening of the TAB 2019 International Architecture Schools‘ Exhibition ‘‘Terribly Beautiful‘‘ will take place on September 11 2019 at the Estonian Academy of Arts Gallery.


March 18 2019 – 1st Stage Deadline;
June 1 2019 – 2nd Stage Deadline;
September 2019 – Workshop in Tallinn and Opening of the Exhibition on September 11 2019

TAB 2019 Opening Week September 11 – 15

Tallinn Architecture Biennale is an international architecture and urban planning festival with a diverse programme that promotes architectural culture. TAB encourages synergy between Estonian and foreign architects as well as between architects and the general public by way of creating contacts and exchanging ideas. The core programme consists of five main events: a Curatorial Exhibition, a Symposium and the Tallinn Vision Competition, all curated by TAB Head Curator, an International Architecture Schools' Exhibition and the Installation Programme. Moreover, the programme is accompanied by a diverse Satellite Programme, that consists of exhibitions, lectures, installations, architectural film projections and other events spread around the city. Tallinn Architecture Biennale is organised by the Estonian Centre for Architecture.

“Beauty Matters: The Resurgence of Beauty”
is the topic for the next Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2019. The winning proposal was selected from the international curatorial call for the 5th installment of the biggest architecture event in the region. The selected head curator is Dr Yael Reisner, a registered architect in Israel, who works and lives in London. Her proposal focuses on the subject of how beauty matters again, reflecting on a cultural shift, after nearly eighty years of dormancy, as beauty was a tabooed, denigrated subject. Curators‘ assistants roles in the TAB curatorial team has been appointed to architect Liina Soosaar (Tallinn), who has recently graduated from Architecture and Urban Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts and architect Barnaby Gunning (London). 

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Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Enterprise Estonia, European Structural and Investment Funds, The British Council, Goethe Institute, Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Association of Architects, Museum of Estonian Architecture, Visit Estonia
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