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Winners announced for the Estonian web-based architecture marketplace’s competition for prefabricated houses

Winners were announced for the prefabricated house architecture competition organised by Estonian web-based architecture marketplace start-up The jury was especially happy with the wide range of countries participating in the competition – there were entries from 21 countries, including Taiwan, Australia and the US.

Last autumn, Estonian web-based architecture marketplace start-up, in cooperation with prefabricated house builders Nurban and Kodumaja, announced the competition for the design of modern prefabricated houses for sites in Stavanger, Norway and Ülenurme near Tartu, Estonia. The jury of the competition selected three winning designs for both the Norwegian and Estonian sites.

"Our aim was to engage architects in developing contemporary concepts for building with wood – Estonia is the no 1 exporter of wooden houses in Europe and we also want to be  the driving force in great contemporary architecture and design, when it comes to prefabricated houses. With the competition, we were looking for buildings that are contemporary and of high quality, yet low cost and easy and cheap to assemble," said Tiit Sild, CEO of

Margus Pauts, member of the jury and Managing Director of timber element and modular house makers Nurban was happy with the results of the competution: “I can say without doubt that we found designs we will be able to put in production and build – houses that people would love to have.” Another jury member and Chairman of the Board of Kodumaja, Lembit Lump, added that the competition received several entries which were both attractive architecturally and were at the same time especially suitable for production using the full potential of Estonian prefab house factories.

Winning entries for the Svertingstad Gård area near Stavanger, Norway:

  • 1st Prize: Nihe (best terraced house)
  • 2nd Prize: Woody (best apartment building)
  • 3rd Prize: Rhc1pa

Winning entries for the Ülenurme area in Estonia:

Special Mention by Jury: Postbarn

Velux Award for the best use of skylight in a house: Bok-Bok

The authors of the winning entries will be revealed on March 23rd 17:00 at the opening ceremony of the exhibition at Solaris Centre, introducing the best works from the competition. Online gallery of entries can be found here. is a web-based platform for good modern architecture with the aim of introducing quality architecture to prefabricated home manufactures, thus improving our living environment. provides customers with pre-designed houses conceived by promising architects coupled with the expertise and experience of reliable manufacturers.

The competition was organised by, Nurban AS and Kodumaja Kinnisvara Arenduse OÜ and supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Velux, Q-Haus, Woodland Homes, Fenestra, Tartu City Government, Tallinn City Department of Enterprise, Department Store Solaris Centre and the Estonian Centre of Architecture.


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