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Guided architecture tours

We offer guided architecture tours for visitors with special interest in Estonian architecture and built environment. We can take you to the hidden gems of Tallinn and show you the best of contemporary architecture in Tallinn, as well as historical architecture. We can also take you out of Tallinn, to other cities in Estonia or to visit architectural landmarks in rural areas.

Our professional tour guides speak Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German and French and all tours are tailor-made to fit the specific needs and interests of the group. Our tours can take you and your colleagues or friends to see both to the highlights or or off-the-beaten track locations either in Tallinn or elsewhere in Estonia.

Our tour guides are all people with passion for architecture – architects and landscape architects, architecture and art historians, people writing about architecture, urbanists. All of them have been involved in either the researching, protecting, developing or designing the city space of Tallinn and other cities in Estonia – so there is plenty of insight and stories to share on top of the architectural knowledge.

Prices of our guided tours depend on the number of participants, chosen route and mode of transport – walking, biking, tour bus, etc. All tour can be fitted with coffee or lunch breaks. Here’s some sample tours we offer (scroll down for detailed description):

  • Tour around the heart of Tallinn 
  • The Big Tour of Tallinn 
  • Masterpieces of Soviet architecture
  • Living in Tallinn: accommodation through times
  • Spaces for learning in Tallinn

Tour around the heart of Tallinn

Duration: 3 hours
Transport: by bus
Price: 36€ per participant (incl. VAT)
Price without bus: 24€ per participant (incl. VAT) for a group of at least 10 people

This tour will take you to see some of the landmarks in the centre of Tallinn. We’ll look into how industrial heritage areas have been transformed into contemporary urban space, see how new and old mix on the edges of historical Tallinn old town, get a glimpse of one of the most interesting new synagogue buildings in Europe. Upon request on booking, you’ll also get a chance to peek into some of the buildings.

  • Tallinn waterfront and Rotermanni quarter;
  • Aia St apartment building – contemporary living space in Tallinn Old Town;
  • Koidu street apartment buildings – contemporary living space in a low-rise wooden district;
  • Coffee break: inner courtyard of the von Stackelberg Hotel (cost not included);
  • Tallinn English College Sports Building;
  • Tallinn Synagogue – layered yet an unusually open synagogue building;
  • Koidula St house – contemporary living space in a historic area;
  • Fahle Building;
  • Upon request lunch at Fahle Cafe (not included in price)

The Big Tour of Tallinn

Duration: 4 hours
Transport: bus
Price: 35€ per participant (incl. VAT) for a group of at least 15 people

This tour starts in Mustamäe, one of the Soviet period apartment-block areas of Tallinn, where we will look into the urban development of Tallinn and give an overview of the city now. We’ll also show you the heart of Tallinn centre with some of its most exciting contemporary landmarks. After this we’ll head off to the most picturesque wooden districts of Tallinn - Kalamaja and Kadriorg. This tour finishes at one of the pearls of Estonian contemporary architecture, the recently renovated Estonian Maritime Museum Seaplane Harbour, which is also a recommended location for dinner (not included in the price, but can be booked) With this tour, you’ll also get a chance to peek into several of the buildings, upon request on booking.

  • Tallinn University of Technology campus and library;
  • Freedom Square – modern urban space, management of public space and traffic flow, movable greenery, multi-functional urban space; 
  • Sports Hall of the Tallinn English College – artificial nature, old vs new; 
  • Museum of Occupations. Organic architecture, flowing spaces, openness, interior vs exterior; 
  • Apartment buildings on Tatari Street and Aia Street;
  • Kadriorg – old wooden housing area and new developments, including an apartment building on Koidula street – private greenery in urban setting, house vs garden;
  • KUMU – Estonian Art Museum in Kadriorg Park;
  • Tallinn waterfront and harbour area; 
  • Linnahall Concert Hall and culture factory Kultuurikatel – refurbishment of old industrial complexes;
  • Kalamaja suburb: historic settings and contemporary developments, wooden housing.

Masterpieces of Soviet architecture

Duration: 3 hours
Transport: by bus
Price: 42€ per participant (incl. VAT) for a group of at least 10 people

This tour will take you to see the finest and most exciting examples of Soviet architecture across Tallinn, from buildings erected for Soviet power structures to large-scale memorials exhibiting the best of landscape architecture of the period. With this tour, you’ll also get a chance to peek into some of the buildings, upon request on booking.

  • Rävala Boulevard, an administrative and urban centre during the Soviet era, including the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, designed at the time for the EKP (Communist Party of Estonia); the Academic Library; 
  • Cinema "Sõprus" – an example of Soviet architecture right in the heart of Tallinn Old Town;
  • Hotel Viru – purpose-built to keep an eye on foreign tourists visiting the Soviet Union;
  • Tallinn Song Festival Grounds – the scene for the biggest music event in Estonia;
  • Maarjamäe war memorial – even in its dilapidated state, still one of the best large-scale landscape architecture examples in the region;
  • Pirita Spa Hotel at the Tallinn Olympic Sailing Centre and the Olympic facilities on the Pirita River – an overview of how Tallinn was changed for the 1980 Games;
  • Soviet prefab-suburb Lasnamägi – large-scale Soviet urban planning;
  • Linnahall Concert Hall – Soviet landmark connecting the city and the sea.

Living in Tallinn: accommodation through times

Duration: 3 hours
Transport: by bus
Price: 36€ per participant (incl. VAT) for a group of at least 10 people

This tour will take you on a time-travelling trip and give you an overview of how living conditions in Tallinn changed during the most intense urbanization period of the 20th century. You’ll see the picturesque wooden districts built for workers around the centre of Tallinn in the beginning of the century – and how these have transformed into heritage protection areas, dotted with contemproary architecture. You’ll also see the Soviet sleeping districts built to ease the lack of accommodation space for workers moving to Estonia during the height of Soviet industrialisation from 1960s to 1980s. We will finish the tour with a Soviet Utopia and a peek into the 21st century - Rotermanni quarter, port area or Fahle building.  

  • Meeting point on the border of Tallinn Old Town – how Tallinn was formed
  • Pelgulinn subdistrict: wooden houses’ suburb from 1920s and 1930s;
  • Kalamaja subdistrict: new architecture in the context of heritage protection area;
  • Pelgurand Stalinist district as a sample of post II World War dwelling development;
  • Mustamäe – the Socialist-Modernist dream;
  • Väike-Õismäe – the Socialist Urbanist Utopia;
  • Rocca al Mare/Merirahu as a sample of 21st century housing development.

Spaces for learning in Tallinn

Duration: 3 hours
Transport: by bus
Price: 36€ per participant (incl. VAT)Minimum group size: 10

Across the last 15 years, an impressive number of new school buildings has been popping up across Estonia, showcasing good contemporary architecture. This tour takes us to award-winning university buildings, friendly new kindergartens and schools, and you’ll hear why a sports hall was erected on columns looking a lot like artificial trees. With this tour, you’ll also get a chance to peek into the buildings, upon request on booking.

  • The new and expanding campus of Tallinn University;
  • Naba Kindergarten;
  • Viimsi School – built to be the biggest school building in Estonia;
  • Tallinn English College Sports Building;
  • Tallinn Technical University campus and library;
  • Rocca al Mare School.

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